Unbeatable Secrets for Marketing Gaming Websites

The web is filled with an overwhelming number of marketing opportunities for people and businesses in all fields and industries. That is, of course, if you know where and what to look for. According to World Finance, the fastest growing industries in the world include renewable energy, cybersecurity, biotechnology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. There are other markets that have had an impressive evolution during recent years, with virtual gambling being one of them.

If you are seriously thinking about joining hands with casino game developers or managers running their own casinos online, the use of top-notch marketing should become a priority. Find the cleverest ways of sticking your head out of the crowd. Most casinos provide pretty much the same selection of identical games. If you have a unique or brand new game addition/free spins/huge welcome bonus package, a fresh design/menu that has never been used before, this will be your winning ticket.

Looking to launch your casino the right way or hit the refresh button on an old venue? Here are a few of the most powerful marketing strategies for the casino industry.

Design A Top-Notch, Fully-Functional Sitecasino

If you own a land casino you would like to promote online, create a website that leaves a good first impression on your prospects and potential future customers. You need a clean design and an easy to navigate, user-friendly menu, topped by a professional customer support service. The idea is to convince people that you are capable of offering a safe, welcoming environment, so nothing can stop them from checking out your brick-and-mortar venue as well.

You only have a few vital seconds for a fresh site visitor to form a first impression on your line of work, so take advantage of every millisecond. According to an eye-tracking research conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology, it only takes two-tenths of a second to form a first impression, and around 2.6 seconds for a user to find the element that will most influence this first impression.

  • Focus on clear, neat, but also exciting design. Everything starting with your logo and finishing off with the information you choose to display on your site will determine your reliability and the way your prospects will perceive you.

  • Make sure to promote the highlights of your casino on top of your homepage and use drop-down menus that are easy to access.

  • If you have any interesting details on the way your casino is interacting with the local community, maybe supporting the microeconomy through donations and charity events, create a separate page. People would like to know when has your casino opened its gates for the first time, and other similar aspects you can include in a “casino history” section.

  • If you are promoting a virtual casino with no land component, your website will need to use specific casino design graphics and layouts, simple menus with shortcuts to game categories, search features, banking options, the contact options for your 24/7 customer support service, information on your welcome bonus package and loyalty bonuses, a FAQ section, and anything else you would like for your casino to include. Players who like online gambling for real money will want to know why should they wager their money on your games and not opt for the competitors. Make them understand why your games are better, more fun, or more rewarding, and what sets them apart.

Create A Captivating Blog

Create blog posts that are captivating enough to constantly attract the attention of readers/players. Teach them new casino tips and tricks or test poker/blackjack strategies used by the most successful professional players in the world. Have a myth-debunking section that studies the most common or never heard of casino myth and legends. Provide them with fresh updates on the latest welcome bonuses/new promotions/bonuses/free spins/vacation prizes they could take advantage of. Create personal stories based on your own gambling experiences; include anecdotes, funny or peculiar happenings, and your own take on certain games or game strategies.

Embrace posts you think will draw players closer to your venue and make them feel more at home or, on the contrary, make them stay on their toes in anticipation of more exciting posts to read or videos to watch. Include industry news and introduce readers to your schedule of upcoming events. This should bring you a loyal following and excellent brand awareness with zero or minimum costs.

An email database is also an excellent ROI generator. Let your users type in their email address and sign up for your newsletter (use your blogs to promote it) and use strong subject lines, concise and interesting content, and various topics related to your casino’s activity.

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