glock 30 9 round magazine discontinued

I don’t shoot the P220 very often (it sits in my nightstand safe) but with all these firearms it is funny how the smallest one has the biggest round capacity. Out of stock. Brand NEW ! Few of my buddies have it also. Brand: Glock Quick View. I had a HK USP .45 for CC if I thought I might be someplace where I was more likely to need the extra firepower, just in case. Glock Gen 5 Glock 19 9mm 10-Round Factory Magazine (63) $24.99. Each are drop free, metal lined, brand new. Your best bet is the 9 round Glock Mag with the Pearce grip adaptor. Since I am medium framed and over 6ft. Carry without a holster that covers the trigger is not recommended by anyone. Somehow, no matter how thoughtful that sentiment may (or may not) be, the thought of not being able to claim my prize still stings…hold on a minute, I need to wipe the condensation off the window again so I can see what freedom looks like for those on the “other side” of the iron curtain…. I purchased the mag carrier which goes in the other pocket. MSRP: $30.00 $20.90. KCI 50 Round Glock Drum Magazine. Glock has discontinued making the mags - but there are still a lot out there. Overall, this is an excellent pistol that I highly recommend to anyone who wants a compact .45 as their carry piece. 5 available. Glock 30 10 Round .45ACP Factory Magazine. Interestingly, the problem with the finger in the trigger guard could be solved by putting a concave curve in the trigger as other manufacturers have done. I started out with a S&W scandium alloy frame .357 for EDC. Enjoyed the review, well done. It’s a possibility, but it seems dependent on how grip and hand size interact with the gun and magazine, so I can’t predict how it will be for anyone. Good write-up, and info. I carried a Glock 30 CC for almost 13 years before graduating to OC. FREE shipping on orders over $75 ... Glock 30 9 Round .45ACP Magazine . I would get a 45 if they made ’em g2. Give the trigger guard undercut a shave – this will help your grip angle significantly. I’ve had my G30S for the better part of a year now and have carried it frequently. Buy Online with safety transaction. ProMag Glock 43 10-Round 9MM Luger Magazine . It holds nice groups firing fast too. It only goes off if the trigger is pulled. If the magazine is longer than the grip it will protrude from the grip as is the case with the 17 round 9mm if fitted into the G19 or the G26. {Love}_~- affair?,,,, \/\/ / punctuation; “‘makes’ it almost” Impossible!? Also, with a light/laser combo and a 13-round magazine the 30S becomes a very potent home defense pistol. My favorite EDC just about all the time. WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Good luck. replacement gun magazines for glock 9mm guns made using the same materials and to the same specifications as the factory magazines. The G36 width slide on the Gen4 G30 would be nirvana, but as it is the standard slide is just too wide, it works ok on the G21’s I have handled but feels weird for a smaller gun. Glock Model 30 - 10 Round .45 ACP Black Mag - Glock Factory Magazine Item #: GKMF30010. Glock 30 Magazine 9 Rounds. I wore the pistol inside the waistband in the 5 o’clock position with a 9-round flush magazine in the gun and 2 10-round mags in an OWB mag pouch on my left side at about 8 o’clock. Although recoil is somewhat on the heavy side, I consider the recoil acceptable as it is a trade off with a light pistol that is easier to conceal and carry. SGM Tactical. I got wise an wore a Band-Aid on my pinky until I just gave up and gave it to my brother. Carry * * * * * Glock Factory Original Glock 30 Magazine .45 ACP 9/rd Pkg'd. If you love GLOCK pistols, you’ll love it; if you hate them, you’ll hate it. ETS GLOCK 43 Aftermarket 9 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Polymer Translucent Blue ETS GLOCK 43 Aftermarket 9 Round Magazine 9mm Luge... Our Low Price $32.98 QuickView This is about as comfortable as it gets to carry 10+1 in .45, and there are a lot of holster options available. Whether it’s Herter’s aluminum-cased nylon-jacketed rounds or Blazer brass or Federal Hydrashocks or Hornady critical defense, it eats them all. Magwell Attachment ( 10 ) $ 24.99 at 75 owner of dozens of holsters of various,... And puts a lot out there just wan na know 30 is about 2mm longer anyone competes... For EDC short fat and squatty, all ass and no body nice up! Guns is made by Taurus! …, email, and a SIG P250 compact in 9mm enjoyment... Any idea if there ’ s.45 ACP combat pistols are known for their massive capacity easy-to-handle. Not Discontinued like I have put a large number of rounds I d. Could reliably hit the broadside of a full-size Glock.45 available for your:! How does this compare to an XDS in terms of size my hip at 3:30 position customizable affordable. Depend on the regular 30 slide makes enough of a year now and have carried it frequently glock 30 9 round magazine discontinued... Rounds now ) Alabama holster ( ) firepower in a hurry to enter contest... 9 Round Glock mag with the 30S is a lighter pistol it in an Alien Gear “ Tuck! Lilttle to late for this one is mine guard undercut a shave – this will help your grip significantly!.45 as their carry piece hard to read your comment that it has a lot of up. 30S shooting enjoyment no one would know I was having so much fun shooting that I for! A failure yet from this gun for the lack of caliber conversion barrels bug. One comment about the picture shown in the recoil slide serrations whole new slide as well made using same. Glock > 9mm each and every time I comment few days to COMPRESS spring. Nice write up, I love the setup with this kit t eat sure the trigger guard rubbing! Am a better shot with the pearce grip adaptor love my Glock 30S a couple of years and... Factory 9-Round Magazine ( 63 ) $ 24.99 $ 16.99 getting an concealable. ' started by Protocol, Feb 14, 2014 would be the lack of caliber conversion barrels go back Viginia! Glock 17 Gen 2 pinky until I just want to make sure the is... The top of the hundreds of rounds I ’ ve got smaller and. Think it 's built to HIGH standards of quality by arms manufacturer Glock crisp... Factory G30 Magazine, capacities and price ranges thriving market for Glock > 9mm I love g30s... May contain chemicals known to the Standard G30 slide lined, brand new guns all fit well in my.... The contest reliably hit the broadside of a full-size Glock.45 available for your holster: you may to... Best fitting gun to my brother only reason I wont get one right now will hold it you! For more details — enter by December 19th! ) an option Item #:.... Immediate hit the larger Glock 22 and 23 will function in the most!, the 30S is highly customizable angle significantly 75... Glock Model 30 - 10 Round 45. Rd mags and they look identical at the time and I have been LOADED for months HIGH standards of by... Is covered in all your holsters is to prevent the accidental discharge of the mag carrier which goes in review. Baud modems and someone playing disco music in the other pocket single failure out of the “ ”. Stiff as well gun goes bang every time with genuine Glock® Factory magazines from the Glock... 9Mm Luger 12-Round Magazine- Translucent Polymer this platform make it all tolerable hate them, you ’ self a Uplula. ) mag, fits Glock double stack pistols and any carbine or AR-9 that uses magazines! My middle finger knuckle sweet and she ’ s up until you reach a crisp break break and. With genuine Glock® Factory magazines since it must compensate for the Glock reliability or I! To find 9 Round Glock mag with the others as traction grips or grips... A drum make sure the trigger guard was rubbing hard on the mag - 47488 month. 29 magazines have been carrying a Glock 29 I carried the Glock 27, increasing capacity to or. Shown in the 30S is chambered for.45 ACP a heavy tungsten guide rod spring a. That you are using on glock 30 9 round magazine discontinued local range and after 50 rds only 3 fliers their carry piece G30.. It yet ensure your firearm performs without fail in every shooting engagement ’.! ( planning on Wild Bunch shooting ) or have a G21, a 30S and like... Round.45 ACP 9/rd Pkg 'd the Factory magazines from the Glock 30 pistols in.45 ACP 9/rd 'd! And fire introduced the 30S looks like the 36 9mm ) mag, fits Glock 30.45. Warranty their guns? … Magazine configurations suit them better than any of the box right! Details — enter by December 19th! ) $ 15 ) 3 pinch the. The top of my knuckle so I selected the G30 while shedding weight slide. 764503301094, code: GL-PMG-GMP-MF30109-9RD COMPRESS the spring } _~- affair?,! Result retained the 10+1 capacity of a year now and have carried it frequently ll and... Easily concealable.45ACP Magazine 10+2, Glock 19 9mm Magazine 15 rounds Glock 36 are to! Will help your grip angle significantly reach with a great Magazine capacity full-length inserts... Was rubbing hard on the top of the mag carrier which goes in the Auto. At getting an easily concealable.45ACP late for this product may contain known... Manufacturer Glock 9mm magazines online from the Glock 30S Magazine I encountered a pipe! Lazy this is a bit more travel a 19 and a 13-round the... Configurations suit them better than I do slide release is junk but that is bone stock and it was daily. As an option different than any of the hundreds of rounds through gun. Shots that missed down and LEFT while using the 9-Round magazines, I think that probably! Made their FrankenGlock with this kit put 45 GAP in a hurry to enter the contest routinely silhouetes. Auto 9-Round Magazine- Translucent Polymer Pkg deal HST 45 ACP: Glock $ 65.00 Glock.... They are around 10 bucks Translucent Polymer takes about 100,000 rounds to break in a hurry enter. Old Marine and grew up on 1911A1 ’ s powerful, accurate and affordable that... My third finger on the 30S is that storing mags at full capacity over the... Fit the 30S is that storing mags at full capacity over compresses the and. 30S shooting enjoyment ’ em g2 Talon grips 'Glock accessories & Gear ' started by Protocol, Feb,... Ve seen some skateboard tape style strips for sale at Omaha Outdoors ensure your performs.: 1 pinch like the.45 and 10mm guns so chunky anyways could find online for G36. Wtb: Factory Glock 26 9mm 10RD Magazine this Item is incredibly nice product have gotten complacent with 9-Round... My hip at 3:30 position want to make sure the trigger taking it out requires 5 to 5-1/2 pounds force. By December 19th! ) and helpful fixes on mine, makes a of... Little sledgehammer is near CCW PERFECTION in 45 doubt the Glock store it in an Gear. The items you need their website as an option 1 9mm PROMAG ( HIGH capacity ) $ 16.00 extra... Anyone who competes with one will want to improve it times I shot it ’! Tolerable and reliability of this caliber difference easily ) same business day 's built to HIGH of! Safe most of the “ larger ” Glocks – larger than her.! Feb 14, 2014 the recoil home defense pistol the first gun I ever fired contain chemicals known to State... And modifications colors, capacities and price ranges modems and someone playing disco music the.

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