Security Risks For Web Apps

Businesses from all parts of the world are currently offering a huge number of services and products that cater to the needs of billions of people. But, lately, their expansion has started to go beyond the regular store shelves and offices. The trend of using mobile apps to reach a wider palette of prospects and customers is gaining more followers by the day. These apps enable the smooth migration from physical leaflets and billboards to mobile advertisements and apps for enhanced interactivity with customers and higher/faster/simpler sales.

If you have an old-school type of thinking way, you may be reading these lines and shaking your head in disbelief right now. Your sales team is more than enough and the last thing you need is a fancy app that is probably going to cost you a fortune to make, right? Well, not so much. This type of mentality might have been safe a few years ago before apps were even invented and everyone started to “exist” online. However, we live in different times now. Unless you have been living under a rock at least during the last couple of years, you must know what kind of fast-paced trends we are looking at. There are loads of benefits to using apps for your business, especially if they are custom-made to match your every need and help grow the business.

Here are a few highlights of the main reasons why you should seriously consider inserting apps into your marketing and sales strategies, to boost productivity or keep a closer eye on things, along with a few of the associated risks of using apps. mobile apps

Business Apps Offer More Value

  • Customers who give you their business every month want to be treated like royal. They want to see top-notch, professional services or high-quality products. They need to feel that by choosing your business, they will be getting the highest value possible. Let them know they are doing just that by increasing your level of interactivity with them just like Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance Services, Inc. does. Create an app that enables customers to contract your services or buy your products with the tap of a button. Make sure the app enables live chat features and a special review section where customers can express their opinions on the items they have bought or the purchasing experience they have lived. This will make them feel important, cared for, and respected.
  • Loyalty programs offered via the same app will encourage your customers to further interact with your business or products/services, collect their loyalty points and use them to redeem nice discounts and special deals on their favorite repeat purchases.
  • Introducing a mobile payment feature in the app should make the in-store purchasing experience even more convenient. And this is exactly what your customers are looking for: fast, high-quality, discount services and products.
  • A mobile app also allows you to be even easier to reach in case you are providing emergency services that require you ready for interventions 24/7.

Risks Associated With Apps

Apps and computer programs, in general, tend to crash out of the blue, with no reasonable explanation at a first glance. When it happens during a critical time such as a customer typing in their credit card information to make a payment, things are prone to go down the hill.

When an app becomes unavailable to its users or registered members, frustration and disappointment. Just think of someone ordering takeout food using an app that suddenly stops working, or a person who is locked out of their car/home and in need of urgent assistance and no longer able to access a locksmith’s app to ask for help r provide their GPS location coordinates.

Services like distinguish themselves from other similar services on the market through their fast, 20-minute response times and 24/7 availability for emergencies. While they are not yet using a mobile app that enables their potential customers to reach them faster, they are still able to do an excellent job. Their reviews speak louder than anything else, and the fact that they have managed to remain on the market for so many years. See for yourself at By comparing their classic, but steady phone/online form contact options with a mobile app that is prone to crash or be hacked into from time to time, one may opt for the first option for extra security.

Improper coding practices used by app developers and security testers failing to do their job properly are additional threats that can jeopardize any app. All app vulnerabilities should be properly identified and eliminated, especially when talking apps that work hand in hand with smart locks for remote property access.

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