Hiring Software Developers!

About Zap:

Zap is a well funded product from Techartus Solutions (www.techartus.com) that has developed multiple highly scaled products. The goal of Zap is to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to the wider retail market and stand alone businesses.

We aim to provide an innovative work environment with continuous trainings and opportunities for self-development technically and personally.

We provide cutting-edge technology challenges to the aspiring mind. So, if you have a curious mind, we are here for you.


  1. Develop front-end screens, integrate it with the REST APIs an
  2. Develop backend APIs
  3. Develop chatbots that service the Zap front-ends like WhatsApp and Telegram
  4. Provide quick turn around times for review comments

Skill set required:

  1. NodeJS, expressJS
  2. Firebase functions, Firestone
  3. Front end technologies – Angular JS, HTML, CSS, JQuery
  4. git and GitHub development workflow
  5. Test driven development mindset


  1. Extremely motivated
  2. Must have a demonstrable product development experience
  3. Good communicator
  4. Time-bound delivery mindset
  5. Skilled learner and inspired to teach other team members
  6. Willing to lend a hand on all aspects of the business

Contact: madan@techartus.com

Driverless car – The future of personal transportation

Driverless car are also known as self-driving car, autonomous car, robotic car. Today cars already have many semi-autonomous features, like self-braking systems, assisted parking, night-vision camera, and cross-traffic assist system. The driverless car able to operate without human interventions by sensing its environment and navigation paths. Driverless car detects its surroundings like other vehicles, road work, pedestrians, people, road marking, signs and traffic lights by sensors scanning from multiple directions.

Driverless car significantly reduces the no of road accidents, reduce the demand of emergency systems, reduce insurance and health care costs, and reduce labor and other costs.


What technology makes Driverless car?

                In a driverless car there are three technologies used such as, Sensors, connectivity and software/control algorithms. Some of the advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assistance, forward collision warning. Driverless cars have the connectivity that are access the traffic light, surrounding weather, surface conditions, road infrastructure, construction, GPS, map, etc.

How driverless car works?

                Driverless cars having software/control system algorithm that are capable of analyzing and collect date from surrounding by using sensors and connectivity. The software/control system makes the decisions on steering, speed, route navigation, distance calculation, reading traffic light signs, obeying traffic rules.

Untitled 2

Who developing driverless car?

                Every major car manufacturing/developing companies like, Audi, BMW, Ford, Google, General Motors, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota and Tesla, are applying this driverless technology. Google uses lidar sensor technology (radar like technology that uses light instead of radio waves).

The future of driverless car

                While technological capabilities continue to develop gradually toward making driverless vehicles in reality. There are some difficulties like collision avoidance, AI still not functioning properly, Software reliability, high quality navigation maps; vehicle total cost is high, loss of privacy and safety risks. Right now driverless cars are legal only in few US states. Self driving capabilities will add more benefits to society for personal transportation.

5 Emerging Technologies

The Technology have the power to retrieve the almost any information and communicate in a thousands of different ways using a device that fits in our pocket. There are five major trending technologies in store.

Artificial Intelligence:

                Artificial Intelligence (AI), from SIRI to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. The science fiction often portrays AI as robots with human-like characteristics. AI can encompass anything from Google’s search algorithms to autonomous weapons. Artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning are composed of many technologies and techniques at ddwklaw.com website (e.g., deep learning, neural networks, natural-language processing [NLP]).


The more advanced techniques move beyond traditional rule-based algorithms to create systems that understand, learn, predict, adapt and potentially operate autonomously.              

Machine Learning:

                Machine learning has taken some massive strides forward in the past few years, even emerging to assist and enhance Google’s core search engine algorithm. We can see machine learning updates emerge across the board, entering almost any type of consumer application you can think of, from offering better recommended products based on prior purchase history to gradually improving the user experience of an analytics app.



Internet of Things:

                We’ve been hearing about the forthcoming revolution of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) there are tons of individual appliances and apps on the market, but few solutions to tie everything together into a single, seamless user experience. Now that bigger company already well-versed in uniform user experiences (like Google, Amazon, and Apple) is getting involved.



AR and VR:

                Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)  capabilities will merge with the digital mesh to form a more seamless system of devices capable of orchestrating a flow of information that comes to the user as hyper personalized and relevant apps and services. We’ve already got some early-stage devices and tech for these applications.



Humanized Big Data:

                Big data has been a big topic for the past five years or so, when it started making headlines as a buzzword. The idea is that mass quantities of gathered data, which we now have access to can help us in everything from planning better medical treatments to executing better marketing campaigns. But big data’s greatest strength is its quantitative, numerical foundation.


There’s always something new on the horizon, and we can’t help but wait and wonder what technological marvels are coming next.



Mobile Apps For Locksmith Businesses

Businesses of all sizes and belonging to all industries and fields are periodically confronted with a series of issues related to matters like customer and service management, invoicing, and the safe generation of passwords for employees. While specialized apps have been created in order to fix some or all of these problems, not all business managers are aware of their existence. Plus, there is also the reticence that older generation businessmen express toward smart technologies, apps, and anything computer-related. They would rather run their local shops and businesses and old-school, just like they did when they first started, and refuse to set foot into the new technology-run era. Nonetheless…

mobile appsBusiness Apps Are Growing In Popularity

Smartphones have become a common occurrence in our lives, and the number of mobile phone users is expected to pass 3.8 billion by the year 2021 at a global level. With thousands of new mobile apps being designed and released daily in order to serve functions that didn’t even cross our minds, it is easy to simplify work routines and the way regular tasks are completed.

What Can Productivity Apps Do For You

Productivity mobile apps are one of the main types of app categories that can be currently found on the market, along with social media, games, or utility apps.

  • A productivity app can considerably cut the time needed to perform a task as efficiently as possible.

  • Most apps will help users turn their otherwise boring tasks into fun work chores.

  • Working with documents, worksheets, lists, and payment instruments will become a lot smoother and simpler. These apps leave room for little to no error and this is always good for business.

  • Productivity apps also enable employees to focus on new projects and fresh ideas.

  • These apps let you get from point A to point B using fewer resources, thus managing to cater to the needs of more customers on a daily basis. This means you should be able to afford to drop your prices while enjoying better retention rates and more prospects.

More and more businesses have become aware of these advantages of introducing mobile apps into their work tasks. Consequently, they have started using them to complete even the simplest tasks faster and better than their competitors. Whether you are working in the locksmithing business or you are running a different type of service company, there are specialized mobile apps that could work wonders for you too.

Productivity Apps For The Locksmith Industrylocksmith business

Services like Ontime locksmith offer the entire range of locksmithing services to residential, commercial, and automotive customers. They promise a fast response time of 20 to 30 minutes and some of the most affordable service rates in the industry. Their nationwide mobile teams reach customers in need of urgent lock and key help and cater to their needs with professional, modern-day tools and software.

However, no matter how fast and efficient they might be, any locksmith service/company out the market could use a series of additional tools and solutions that can fix their specific problems. Field technicians who install certain apps on their smartphones could generate automatic key codes and update technical information in real time. They could also get the necessary information on master key systems and their different levels of access, or use remote programming guidance.

Other apps enable the use of checkboxes that will assist car locksmiths when performing their tasks as error-free as possible. The good news is most of these apps are free of charge, which means you they will incur no extra costs to the total business budget.

Lock technicians who are just starting out and are in need of help with their invoicing system can also rely on a series of work order apps. These apps are an excellent means of simplifying the invoicing in the form of electronic invoices. If you are looking to rapidly generate invoices and work orders and keep complete records of all monthly invoice, these apps are just what you need.

If you are unable to find an existing app on the market that can help you achieve your goals, get in touch with us and let us design, project, and implement the most suitable app that can fir your every need. Whether you need an app that can produce instant reports, sales, and customer files on a regular basis, while simplifying your accounting processes, or you need a program that allows you to generate strong and unique passwords for customer IDs, we are up for the job.

Get in touch with us and let us show you what we can do for you today!

6 Precious Tips To Create An Original User-Friendly Interface

If you are creating your own website or you are working on a client’s website, keep in mind that the most relevant goal is to create a website which meets certain criteria: design, style, simplicity, full range of navigation options, no bugs, distinctive and easy user interface.

A Website Key To Success

In particular, there are many reasons why customers tend to prefer to visit those websites that feature an original, eye-catching yet not too distracting user interface. That’s a key to success when it comes to effective website, especially for professionals who offer their services through a website and for everyone who has a web-based business.

The user interface is, actually, what the user gets to see of your website and the what he/she can use to get in touch to you or to see your services/products. In addition, the user interface is also the way a user has to get to send payments for your services/products. It’s evident that a simple yet smart user interface facilitates everything. This is a reason why you should hire an professional expert to produce a proper design of a user interface, since this is what can seriously make all the difference in your business.

Our Tips To Help You Create An Excellent User Interface

However, if you really want to make all the job on your own, you can always keep in mind the following tips, so you will be able to create an effective and simple user friendly interface:

  1. Information: it’s important to understand what type of information is actually necessary to the users and what information is useless. So, delete boring content or anything that look out of place and make the user interface “breathe” a little more.

  2. Simplicity: as we mentioned above, simplicity is a most important feature in a user-friendly interface. Navigation is crucial to your customers as well as to your business: think about what would happen if a potential customer can’t navigate through your website in a simple way.  You will certainly lose that customer. That’s why you should focus on the concept of simplicity as often as you can. After all, that’s what makes for a good user expereince!user interface

  3. Familiarity: it’s important that your customer might feel somehow “familiar” with your website, otherwise they hardly might decide to hire you/buy your services or products. The functionality of your user interface comes center stage in this delicate process. Consider that the users tend to expect logical and consistent results when they navigate a website.

  4. Responsiveness: of course, when on your website, all customers want to get fast results. Responsiveness is actually associated with the idea of fast and practical in the customers’ mind. Consider that a responsive platform allows the users to have a smoother and intuitive navigation.

  5. Design: it’s widely accepted that a nice-looking website has more chances to attract potential customers. Again, here you have to wonder “what” is attractive and what is not. Simplicity should always guide your tastes when you choose your website design: simple lines, simple colors, pleasant style and visually intuitive functions.

  6. Efficience: all customers want to find top efficient online functions. That’s a most essential feature in all user interfaces, regardless of the specific type of website. Real-time actions should be performed without delays or bugs and all online payments should work in a perfect way.

  7. Reversible actions: probably, many people don’t consider reversibility as one of the most important user interface features, but the truth is that all customers want to find the chance of reversible actions when dealing with a user interface of a website (especially if it’s an e-commerce website). If someone presses the wrong button, it’s actually fair to offer them the chance to remedy such a mistake before a payment is sent to the seller’s account.

Reversibility And Financial Security On Online Casino Sites

This concept of reversibility is a fundamental cornerstone for all those websites that offer payment options. Online casinos, for instance, do offer several payment methods and banking options.  Imagine that you typed an amount of money that you didn’t mean to send the casino site that amount. If you are on a virtual Australian casino, you can easily remedy this mistake in a click.

For this reason, it’s fundamental to choose a verified and licensed casino: similarly, when you win money playing slots, the casino offers you the chance to transfer the money you won on your bank account in a very intuitive and quick way.



Unbeatable Secrets for Marketing Gaming Websites

The web is filled with an overwhelming number of marketing opportunities for people and businesses in all fields and industries. That is, of course, if you know where and what to look for. According to World Finance, the fastest growing industries in the world include renewable energy, cybersecurity, biotechnology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. There are other markets that have had an impressive evolution during recent years, with virtual gambling being one of them.

If you are seriously thinking about joining hands with casino game developers or managers running their own casinos online, the use of top-notch marketing should become a priority. Find the cleverest ways of sticking your head out of the crowd. Most casinos provide pretty much the same selection of identical games. If you have a unique or brand new game addition/free spins/huge welcome bonus package, a fresh design/menu that has never been used before, this will be your winning ticket.

Looking to launch your casino the right way or hit the refresh button on an old venue? Here are a few of the most powerful marketing strategies for the casino industry.

Design A Top-Notch, Fully-Functional Sitecasino

If you own a land casino you would like to promote online, create a website that leaves a good first impression on your prospects and potential future customers. You need a clean design and an easy to navigate, user-friendly menu, topped by a professional customer support service. The idea is to convince people that you are capable of offering a safe, welcoming environment, so nothing can stop them from checking out your brick-and-mortar venue as well.

You only have a few vital seconds for a fresh site visitor to form a first impression on your line of work, so take advantage of every millisecond. According to an eye-tracking research conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology, it only takes two-tenths of a second to form a first impression, and around 2.6 seconds for a user to find the element that will most influence this first impression.

  • Focus on clear, neat, but also exciting design. Everything starting with your logo and finishing off with the information you choose to display on your site will determine your reliability and the way your prospects will perceive you.

  • Make sure to promote the highlights of your casino on top of your homepage and use drop-down menus that are easy to access.

  • If you have any interesting details on the way your casino is interacting with the local community, maybe supporting the microeconomy through donations and charity events, create a separate page. People would like to know when has your casino opened its gates for the first time, and other similar aspects you can include in a “casino history” section.

  • If you are promoting a virtual casino with no land component, your website will need to use specific casino design graphics and layouts, simple menus with shortcuts to game categories, search features, banking options, the contact options for your 24/7 customer support service, information on your welcome bonus package and loyalty bonuses, a FAQ section, and anything else you would like for your casino to include. Players who like online gambling for real money will want to know why should they wager their money on your games and not opt for the competitors. Make them understand why your games are better, more fun, or more rewarding, and what sets them apart.

Create A Captivating Blog

Create blog posts that are captivating enough to constantly attract the attention of readers/players. Teach them new casino tips and tricks or test poker/blackjack strategies used by the most successful professional players in the world. Have a myth-debunking section that studies the most common or never heard of casino myth and legends. Provide them with fresh updates on the latest welcome bonuses/new promotions/bonuses/free spins/vacation prizes they could take advantage of. Create personal stories based on your own gambling experiences; include anecdotes, funny or peculiar happenings, and your own take on certain games or game strategies.

Embrace posts you think will draw players closer to your venue and make them feel more at home or, on the contrary, make them stay on their toes in anticipation of more exciting posts to read or videos to watch. Include industry news and introduce readers to your schedule of upcoming events. This should bring you a loyal following and excellent brand awareness with zero or minimum costs.

An email database is also an excellent ROI generator. Let your users type in their email address and sign up for your newsletter (use your blogs to promote it) and use strong subject lines, concise and interesting content, and various topics related to your casino’s activity.